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Ayurveda Treatments

Ayurveda Treatments ( Chikitsa )

oldest science of life.

Ayurveda is the oldest science of life, healing has given huge importance for external treatments or therapies which include, massages, pouring, steam or to sweat in general snehana , swedana karmas. snehana means to lubricate using oil, ghee etc. while swedana is to sweat. The most famous or popular treatments offered in little cove yoga Ayurveda resorts are as follows.


Kindly note that though they are therapies they are classified and performed in view of factors like Roga , Rogi Bala, etc and keeping in mind of the basic constitution and the doshas aggravated in a certain condition.



Udwarthanam is one of the most sought after Ayurvedic treatments for weight loss. It is a special deep tissue massage using herbal powders rubbed forcibly on the body in the upward and downward direction. By generating heat through massage, this treatment melts the excess fat that is accumulated in the body. It improves the blood circulation, rejuvenates the body and improves skin texture. Certain skin diseases can be treated with Udwarthanam.



Takradhara is a traditional Ayurvedic procedure wherein a stream of buttermilk is gently poured on a person’s forehead. Takra means buttermilk & Dhara means Pouring in stream In Thakradhara treatment, buttermilk processed with medicinal herbs is used in the form of an external remedy, in the form of a thin stream. The treatment induces coolness to the brain, relaxes the mind, reduces mental stress and increases memory power. Pouring of buttermilk stimulates and soothes the hypothalamus, thereby regulating the functions of pituitary gland and inducing sleep. It is useful in treating lack of sleep, skin disorder, poor digestion etc.



It is a Sanskrit word, which means application of warm oil all over the body, the oil is often pre-medicated with herbs. Ancient ayurvedic textbooks recommended this is an integral part of the daily routine to all who wish good health and longevity of life. It is a relaxing and refreshing full body massage with medicated herbal oil to take care of the physical mental emotional well-being of the person while balancing the doshas. Abhyanga helps open up the minor Sortas, removes ama (waste) through the skin, melts Sleshma (fat secretions blocking the srotas), and helps in deep cleansing and moisturization of the skin.



virechanam is a component of Ayurvedic panchakarma treatment in which a person takes oral herbal purgative medicine that induces purgation. It is one of essential process to be done to make the body toxin-free. It clears out the toxins from the intestine part of the body. Hence the body becomes more receptive to the Ayurvedic medicines and it increases the absorption rate of the herbs and Ayurvedic decoctions.


Since it includes therapeutic purgation, it removes all aggravated Doshas that are channelized into the kosha (abdomen).



Procedure: Pizhichil is squeezing of medicated oil through a cloth dipped inside the oil on the whole body, massaging the body for at least 40mins. Promotes relaxation to the body by relieving stress. Improves circulation and metabolism and thus restores health. It helps in rejuvenating the body. It is beneficial in many ailments like arthritis, neurological and degenerative disorders as it induces diaphoresis (sweating). Increases the skin luster and complexion of the skin. As it improves circulation, it increases immunity and life span.



Kashaya means medicated decoction and Dhara means pouring. When these medicated decoctions are poured All over the body is called as kashayaDhara. The treatment helps to remove ama[toxins] from the body also helps in the proper movement through the vessels. Helps to convert and return the accumulated waste products for the expelling process. Helps in converting insoluble fat into a soluble form The therapy uses herbal decoctions that have anti-septic or anti-allergic actions.



First, the special oil used for the swedanam massage is gently applied to the whole body. After that, the patient is moved to the steam chamber. After this the procedure is terminated and the patient is allowed to take a hot water shower.


  • Helps to keep the balance of Vata and Kapha characters in the body.
  • Aids in the expulsion of toxins in the body through the tiny pores of the skin along with sweat.
  • Increases blood circulation and also reduces any joint inflammation.
  • Rejuvenate and revitalize the skin, giving it a smooth texture.
  • Acts on fat tissue thereby aids in weight loss.
  • Relieves stress.
  • Eases pain in the muscles and also sore muscles.
  • Clears bodily ducts and channels.



The medicaments administered through the nostrils pervade into the nervous (Brain) and venous system (Blood circulation) present in and around the nostrils. Then they evacuate the morbidity present or distributed in nearby areas. Thus it relieves the blockage of the channels and the diseases are cured effectively. Medicated oils stimulate the vital centers of brain to overcome specific diseases.


Nasyam is beneficial in the treatment of headaches, Migraine, and cervical Spondylosis.


Stress Reduction: It includes the administration of medicated oils through nostrils. It stimulates the vital centers of brain that regulate emotions.


De-Toxification: Nasyam is one of the panchakarmas and is indicated as important Ayurvedic detoxification therapy.


Mental Health: Medication administered through the nasal cavity act on the specific area of the brain to improve mood and emotions.



Pichu is a miraculous palliative treatment in Ayurveda that uses warm medicated oil for curing various degenerative ailments. Pichu can be performed on the head, neck, spine, hip, chest, knee, and shoulders as per the state of illness, and is highly beneficial for ailments affecting the head, spine, and diseases of cranial nerves caused by Vata disorder.


The treatment is beneficial for conditions like:

  • Pelvic inflammation.
  • Herniated discs.
  • Sciatica.
  • Lumbar spondylosis.
  • Chronic back pain.
  • Fractures and dislocations.
  • Neck problems



Njavarakizhi is a deeply refreshing and revitalizing Treatment that is practiced as rejuvenation therapy in order to alleviate the joint stiffness due to vata. It is regarded as the traditional treatment form of Astavaidya that is widely practiced in the state of Kerala. The Treatment involves the fomentation that is triggering and perspiration of the body parts with the bolus of the cooked rice. Rice is cooked with milk and is also added with different herbal products, which would add nutritional and therapeutic value for the treatment. Being an immune-enhancing rejuvenation therapy it is described to be very much beneficial and effective for the patient.


Some of the benefits are mentioned below:-


  • Boost the immune system and improve digestion.
  • Nourish and reduce emaciation of the muscles.
  • Improve the luster and texture of the skin.
  • Alleviate the injury and trauma of the patients.
  • Improve the high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sexual disorders.



The waist area of the body is called Kati. Holding warm ayurvedic oils on the affected areas is called Vasti. Kati Vasti involves retention of warm thick medicated oil over the lower back or other parts of the spine for a certain period. The temperature of the oil is maintained by reheating and continuously adding more oil.


  • Alleviates numbness due to Sciatic nerve compression & most types of low-back pain.
  • Strengthens back muscles which maintain normal curvature of the spine the bone tissues.
  • Effective treatment for any type of back pain & spinal disorders, stiffness, and other back concerns related to spinal disc problems.
  • Increases the circulation in the region & highly effective in inflammatory conditions.
  • Kati Vasti alleviates lower back conditions like Lumber Spondylosis, Inter vertebral disc prolapses, Lumbago (low backache), and Sciatica.
  • Alleviates pain associated with fracture, dislocation, spinal tuberculosis, and tumors.
  • Strengthens the joints, muscles, and soft tissues around and enables you to resume back your work and activities.


Kati Vasti can be taken as a preventive treatment also. It helps avoid problems related to the back and keeps your spine healthy. As medicated oil gets deeply absorbed into the skin it both nourishes and strengthens the muscles and nerves. This is one of the best treatments for healthy bones, muscles, vertebrae, spine, and nerves of the lower back.



The term Manja Kizhi literally means “yellow bundle”. In this particular treatment, we mix turmeric powder, dill seed powder, and white dammer tree resin with egg whites to create sand-like texture. As you can see above you will take the mixture and disperse into a cotton cloth and bundle it tightly.


  • Backaches.
  • Inflammation in the joints.
  • Knee pain.
  • Arthritis.
  • Strengthens the muscle.



Retaining the warm medicated oil over the painful knee joint for certain period is known by the name janu basti. This is a practical modification of snigdha sweda, where warmed sneha is allowed to stand over knee area for a prescribed period of time. It can be used in knee pain caused by degenerative joint diseases, but contraindicated in inflammatory conditions. Janu basti is proved effective in condition like osteoarthrosis , rheumatoid arthritis, and other painful conditions of the knee.


  • Lubricate joints.
  • Improves oxygen and blood circulation.
  • Treats sports injuries
  • Prevents degenerative diseases
  • Relieves pains, sprains, ligament tear
  • Relaxes and nourishes bones, muscles, ligaments, and nerves
  • Protect the cartilage of the knee
  • Reduces spasm and rigidity of muscles around knee and calf areas
  • Improves mobility



Upanaham is done by application of a warm, medicated, herbal paste over the affected area, covering the applied paste and bandaging over that with a cotton cloth bandage. This application is removed after few hours as per the requirement.



  • Upanaham is well-known for its ability to relieve pain, swelling and to nourish the tissues.
  • It is a very effective treatment in Osteo-arthritis, joint injuries and localized pain and swelling.



Lepam involves the application of herbal paste externally over the affected area. The herbal powder and the medium to make the paste are selected as per the individual’s condition.



  • Lepam has a wide range of usage from cosmetic purpose to severe skin conditions.
  • It proves very effective in pimples, marks on skin, pigmentation, arthritis with swelling and pain, injuries and skin infections.



Kizhi Ayurveda treatment is a type of massage performed using small satchels containing herbal powders.



  • Pain Management
  • Stress Reduction
  • Reduce stiffness and numbness
  • Improve the quality of the skin
  • Help the body get rid of wastes and toxins, thus leaving the body rejuvenated.



Janudhara is squeezing of medicated lukewarm oil through a cloth dipped inside the oil on the knee joint and massaging the knee for 40mins.


  •  Lubricate joints.
  •  Improves oxygen and blood circulation
  •  Treats sports injuries
  •  Prevents degenerative diseases
  •  Relieves pains, sprains, ligament tear
  •  Relaxes and nourishes bones, muscles, ligaments, and nerves
  •  Protect the cartilage of the knee
  •  Reduces spasm and rigidity of muscles around knee and calf areas
  •  Improves mobility



Shirodhara is a form of Ayurveda therapy that involves gently pouring medicated oil over the forehead and can be one of the steps involved in panchakarma. The name comes from the Sanskrit words Shiro (head) and Dhara (flow). The oil used in Shirodhara depends on what is being treated but can include oil, milk, buttermilk, coconut water, or even plain water.


Shirodhara has been used to treat a variety of conditions including eye diseases, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, greying of hair, neurological disorders, memory loss, insomnia, hearing impairment, tinnitus, vertigo, and certain types of skin diseases like psoriasis.



Kashaya vasthi is one of the panchakarma helping in shodhana chikitsa or elimination therapies in Ayurveda, useful in detoxing, joint pains, and treating allevated vata dosha in our body.



Enema using medicated oil, strengthening colon, gi tract, improving digestion and helps in healing digestive disorder.



Mughalepanam is a cosmetic section in Ayurveda in general oils and herbs generally called as varna (lustrous ) is used in the treatment of the same . a process of facepack is performed including oil application, steam, face pack, etc with the varnya gana of medications in Ayurveda.



Utsadanam can be compared in a way to herbal scrub, but it is therapeutic and helps in opening up pores in the skin and cleaning them up, by removing dead skinn cells promoting longetivity, and giving a lustrous skin.



Shirolepanam or thalapotichil is a treatment with its practicality dating to the ancient Kerala Ayurveda helping in treating, memory disorders, renovating , neurological disorders and stress, sleeplessness. etc. a herbal paste is applied overhead for a specific amount of time according to the roga/ ailments. relaxing one and giving a deep and sound sleep.

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