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Little Cove Yoga Ayurveda Resort

Little Cove Yoga Ayurveda resort is located on the Gangapur Dam and is surrounded by evergreen farming grapes and vegetables also Nashik known as the grape capital of India, Our exclusive resort offers stunning single or double wooden handcrafted authentic cottages, to ensure an optimally tranquil yoga Ayurveda experience & to learn Authentic Ayurveda Massages through our MASSAGE TRAINING COURSES we offer for our guests.


We provide organic vegetarian Indian meals, cater to special diets (including vegan and gluten-free), and offer complimentary cooking classes. And Hatha yoga Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatments under Ayurveda Doctor consultancy, our treatment protocol includes Ayurveda therapies, Yoga practice, and mindfulness meditation to cure physical and mental disorders to bring balance in our busy lives.

A way of feeling relaxed and calm!​

Yoga Ayurveda Resort

Stay with a minimum number of guests that feel like a home away home.

Launching our new project from the little cove yoga family, after Little cove yoga holiday retreat, Goa &  We bring you visualizing Little Cove Yoga Ayurveda Resort by our Founder Mr. Mahendra Pardeshi and Mrs. Sunita Pardeshi a new step towards holistic healing.


Ayurveda Holiday

3 Nights Package

“Wake up by chirping birds”

Wellness Holiday

A healthy stay

Spend a day with Yoga & Nature

Ayurveda focuses on three basic energies, or factors called dosha like Vata, Pitta, Kapha.


Single and Double Room Wooden Cottages. Garden, Pool View.


Food – Gluten-Free Diet, Yoga Diet Based in Ayurveda.

Run a Retreat

We welcome all world-renowned yoga teachers to teach their style of yoga in Little Cove.

Ayurveda Treatment

Ayurveda Treatments ( Chikitsa ) – oldest science of life.

Panchakarma Detox (Kriyas)

We welcome our guests to detox internal and external body treatment.

Places to Visit Nashik

Residents spend free time during stay with us. Visit tourist famous places.


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  • Excellent Resort with Amazing People. They have created an overwhelming resort. The rooms are wooden. The ambiance is just wow. We enjoyed the Great Hospitality shown by Little Cove Yoga.

    Yogesh Chaudhari
  • Excellent Stay – Best Yoga Resort: We both loved it. The food was delicious. They always take precautions for safety and hygiene. All areas were cleaned and maintained. We enjoyed our stay.

    Ravi Pawar
  • Little cove yoga resort – A must-visit. The owner takes all efforts to comfort the guests. I will visit frequently the Little Cove Yoga Resort and will also recommend it to my friends and relatives.

    Harshal N
  • Comfortable Stay: It was a very pleasant stay at Little Cove Yoga Resort. The hotel staff was very courteous and polite. Check-in was quick and hassle-free. The Food was tasty.


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